Fixing harmful ideas about fitness, for good.

When Dani first started her fitness journey, it seemed like there were no good paths that could help her feel better in her body. She endured a vicious cycle of not eating well, not eating at all, or overeating. But then she found a better way...

The key:
Appreciating the journey and your body.

Dani realized that the only way to ensure a positive outcome is to "fight for what you want" — which has become the mantra of her mission and her movement. She stopped obeying the old narratives about how fit bodies needed to look, and ditched the idea that negativity is an effective tool.

By embracing a positive relationship with her body and developing an effective training and nutrition plan for herself, she not only achieved her fitness goals by traditional standards (40lbs lighter, body fat reduced by 17%), but more importantly she learned that you can’t put your life and your happiness on hold while you're striving to become more fit.

Your body doesn't exist separately from your life and your happiness — they're all connected. Dani proved how powerful strengthening that connection can be, and her passion is to empower her clients to become stronger and happier, too.

Dani D in the gym
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Meet the team.

Dani D.

She's powerful, and also relatable. She's positive, and also a great motivator. She's the strongest woman in Nashville, and she's ready to help you find your strength.

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    Coached hundreds of clients over the past 6 years.
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    Has hosted over 50 events all over middle Tennessee.
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    Creates sustainable lifestyle plans to keep clients consistent and align their journey with Dani D. Fitness.
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What our clients say:

I’m fighting to finally get in the shape I always wished that I was. All the times I said “tomorrow” only to wake up years later and still feel and look the same. For all the times I started to put in the work, but let small setbacks leave me feeling defeated and quit instead. But I’m doing it differently this time. I’m fighting for long term success. No more quick fixes and no more dwelling on the things I used to consider failures. I’m loving myself and my body and being kinder to myself every step of the way this time. I found Dani at a time when even I didn’t realize how much I needed support from someone like her. Dani has helped me throw out any ideas that I had about how I was “supposed” to work out, what I was “supposed” to eat, and what I had convinced myself I looked like. Everyone has different goals, abilities, and lifestyles and Dani doesn’t put anyone into a box. Instead she helps people find what works for them—ways to reach your fitness goals in a manner that suits your reality and the work you are willing to put in. It sounds simple, but the day I realized that my goals are different than others and that my path would be different than theirs too... that’s the day I really started fighting. And I’ll tell you this: the goals feel more attainable now that I’m chasing my own and not someone else’s so I’m gonna keep on fighting.

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Dani has been the anthem of fighting for what I want while loving my body throughout. I am proud to say the plan laid out is absolutely working. While I have only been working with Dani since the end of June I have already seen my metabolic rate go up, my lean muscle mass go up, my weight go down and my body fat decrease. Even more importantly my mindset is changing and I am loving my body throughout. It takes a lot of hard work, consistency, being uncomfortable, and dedication but has certainly been worth it. I’m down 6.3% body fat and 18.3 lbs and now can do 100 floors on the stair master in 30 minutes! To say I am blessed, honored and excited to be a part of Dani D fitness is an understatement. As Dani would say “Let’s gooooo!!” This is just the beginning

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When I started working out with Dani I considered myself "not strong" or "only a runner", but after working with her for well over a year I can honestly say I am stronger and more confident. She has taught me the importance of strength training to protect myself from getting hurt. I take the knowledge she gives me on proper form and modifications with me while doing my own circuit training and any group classes I choose to take. She is the best trainer in Nashville, plus she is fun!

Megan F
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There was a connection the moment I met Dani. No judgement. No criticism. Just a genuine concern for my physical and mental well being. She has inspired me to tap into what SHE knew I was capable of, and we are achieving my goals together. One day at time we tap into my physical and emotional reserves to help me realize that I can get to where I want to be.

Stephanie Latch
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Dani has given me the tools, education, and encouragement to do just that. She has shown me that working out can be challenging and a fun experience at the same time. Her holistic approach has enabled me to become much stronger, healthier, and more fit. She ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. I have found a new love for fitness and I owe it all to Dani. I am forever grateful.

Jenn Hall
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Dani sought me out, kept me accountable, and finally got me on a nutrition and workout regimen. With her help and encouragement, I have lost 23 pounds in three months. I have no doubt that this would not have been made possible without Dani's help. She genuinely wants her clients to succeed, and you can see the joy in her eyes when A client meets their goal. Often, people ask me what I have done to make such a drastic change in my life. I tell them that I owe it all to Dani. I would never go to anyone else for fitness and nutritional advice. Dani D fitness has changed my life! There is no going back!

Alison Rohner
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I learned very quickly with Dani that she had a sincere interest in me, not because it is her job, but because she saw me as an individual. I knew that each workout would be tailored to my needs. Along with exercise, she laid out an eating plan that would maximize my changes. Being with her doesn’t seem like a workout…She makes it fun! In fact, I’ve made it a family thing, I wanted my husband and kids to be a part of my journey. I have fun working with my husband in tandem sessions, and my kids absolutely adore Dani, and love working with her!

Aimee Sizemore
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Dani is much more than a trainer: she encourages body positivity, movement and proper nutrition. She believes you need to love life at every single point and shows up for herself in this way, being the best role model any of us could want or need. The last 2 years of teaching have been incredibly hard for me. I transitioned back to full time in the classroom and my mood tanked and my stress level rose. My weight rose. My life was spiraling, but Dani was always there. I always showed up no matter how I felt (unless I was truly contagious sick). I started therapy. I continued working with Dani. I started working with her dietician to get my food back on track. My weight has started to decline once again. God put Dani in my path when He knew I needed her. And she continues to show up for me. He blessed me with the trainer I needed at the time in my life when I need to be reminded of all the goodness I have to offer. Dani is a trainer, yes, but she is much more to her clients. She is a confidant, therapist, friend and encourager to all. As long as she will have me, I will train with her

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