Get Your Movement In Challenge

Welcome to the "Get Your Movement In" Challenge, where we're all about kicking off the New Year with a burst of energy and enthusiasm! This 10-week journey, commencing on January 7th and concluding on March 17th, is designed to push your limits, enhance your fitness, and encourage you to maintain a consistent wellness routine. We're delighted to have you here and can't wait to see you build on the strength and determination. But that's not all; we have some exciting goals and fantastic prizes lined up to keep you motivated and inspired throughout this challenge. Need more details? Read below for what you could win!

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Challenge Duration:
The challenge runs from January 7th to March 17th, lasting for 10 weeks.

Challenge Components:
Participants receive a package that includes a journal, shaker bottle, Kuribl Recovery, Twisted Dough Protein, Grab the Gold bars, and packets of fight energy.

Main Challenge Goals:

  • Movement Goal: Participants will build consistency by performing 10 negative/elevated/regular pushups OR 10 assisted/unassisted pullups (depending on ability) daily.
  • Journaling Goal: Maintain a daily journal throughout the challenge
  • Participants are required to tag danidfitness1 in their Instagram stories, posts, or reels whenever they complete their pushups/pullups. A minimum of one tag per week is necessary to stay in the challenge.

The 1st place winner is determined by the person with the most days of pushups or pull-ups throughout the challenge. Participants are required to upload their progress to Instagram highlights for the days to count We will check at end who had the most! The prize for the 1st place winner is $500.
The 2nd place winner will be chosen randomly from those who stayed in the challenge for the full 10 weeks. There may be opportunities for additional entries into the final drawing. The 2nd place prize is provided by our sponsors. The winner will receive a massage by Squeeze Massages and a weight belt provided by Element 26!
The 3rd place winner is selected based on a submission post video. This person must have started the challenge not being able to do a pushup or pullup and be able to perform at least 1 non-assisted pushup or pullup by the end of the challenge OR must have shown significant improvement in their pushup or pullup ability during the challenge. This could include starting with the capability of performing 1-2 pushups or pullups and increasing to 3-5 by the end of the challenge. The 3rd place winner will receive a mini photoshoot sponsored by Empowerography!

Submission Requirements:
Participants must take a "before" picture of themselves at the beginning of the challenge and an "after" picture at the end. These photos should be sent to and For eligibility for the 3rd place prize, participants must submit a video of their attempt at performing a non-assisted pullup or pushup.

Submission Deadline:
All pictures and videos need to be submitted by January 5th.

Social Media and Podcast Requirements:
Participants need to follow danidfitness1 on Facebook.

Participants need to subscribe to the YouTube channel and Spotify podcast, "The Love Your Body Podcast.”

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